Our History


We were established by Adnan Hunca in Istanbul during the year 1957. After starting off our journey as the first and most rooted cosmetic company in Turkey we added onto the success with our global projects. We continue to strive in the deodorant, perfume, skin care, hair care, personal care and make-up categories while maintaining quality and extending our product range.

In both our central office in Istanbul and our production facility of 22.000 m2 in Tekirdağ, more than 500 employees continue to carry out operations. Jagler, She, Caldion, Hunca Care, Extory, Equal, Viva Cappio, Carmina, Sensation and Ivrindi are the brands in our company that have gained worldwide recognition. On top of our promising share in the Turkish cosmetic market, by exporting to more than 60 countries we continue our efforts towards globalization. We are the business partner of many domestic and foreign organizations with our contract manufacturing service we provide for this purpose.


The word Hunca, whose history dates back to ancient times with its 2500 year-old roots, is based on the Hunza Turks; to the community where our founder Adnan Hunca’s ancestors came from.

Hunzas, also known as Burushaskis, are an ethnic group who live in the valleys between the Hindu Kush and Karakoram mountains in Pakistan. The language of the tribe, which has a population of 87.000 people today, is Burushaski, which is not related to other language families and has no literature.

Hunza Turks, due to their natural lifestyle and healthy diet formulas, can live up to 140 years. Some Hunza women can even give birth at 70 years of age and this is why the lifestyle of Hunza Turks attracts a lot of attention from people all over the world.


“System and discipline are ahead of intelligence”

The founder of the Hunca group of companies Adnan Hunca was born in Balıkesir Manyas, Haydar village, in the year 1925. In order to complete his education Adnan Hunca moved to Istanbul where he discovered his entrepreneurial spirit at an early age. When he was still in high school he started experimenting with hair dye and made his first steps into the cosmetic sector.

After completing his education at Galatasaray High School, Adnan Hunca returned back to Manyas. With the vision he gained in Istanbul, he started apply the modern livestock and clover cultivation techniques in his own village. Later on, when he returned back to Istanbul, Adnan Hunca started bottling shampoo and hair soap in his dorm, which enabled him to enter the business world. After his first experiences, in 1950 he embarked upon the cosmetic sector and began the production period. During 1957 he established the Hunca company.

Hunca Balm was driven into the market by being the first hair balm in Turkey to be produced and second worldwide. This product has helped to increase the recognition of the company and became one of the iconic products of Hunca Cosmetics. The dandruff solution and perfumes, which were produced later, have helped Hunca Cosmetics reach today’s turnover.

With a disciplined and systematic personality, Adnan Hunca always expressed the importance of systematic working to all his work colleagues. ‘Word flies, writing remains’ is a principle that Adnan Hunca had adopted. He was known for his rigor in note-taking. He always used to write his notes on paper and kept it on his table at all times. He even pinned some very important notes to his jacket and followed the processes himself.


“Sometimes success depends on opportunity and coincidences, sometimes it depends on a good team. When these two elements come together, it produces good results.”

Tuncer Hunca was born on the 1st of September 1961 in Istanbul. Tuncer Hunca completed his primary education at İlhami Ahmet Örnekal school and afterwards he graduated from the Private Kalamış High School in Erenköy, Department of Science. After his high school years he went to England in order to complete his English education. After living in England for about a year, he decided to carry on with his education in America. He won the chemical engineering and marketing department in the Louisiana State University. Tuncer Hunca, who had a successful education life worked in various different jobs and started to earn his own money while studying. When he returned back to Turkey he applied his knowledge he gained in his education life to his business. His family, which is the most important factor for him, makes up most of his spare time. However, Tuncer Hunca has a second family which is Galatasaray and he describes it as his childhood love. He became a member of Galatasaray as a junior member in 1968 and has been a member of Galatasaray for 52 years.