We carry out our production in the production facility established in Tekirdağ – Çerkezköy Organized Industrial Zone. We moved our production activities, which we carried out in the Bahçeköy center building until 1998, to the modern facilities built in Çerkezköy.
Established on 22 acres of land, Çerkezköy Production Facility has a closed area of 16.500 m2. Our facility is capable of producing many products in the cosmetic category.

With its area and production capacity, we are one of the leading cosmetics factories in Turkey. In our facility, there are planning, production, logistics units and support and additional units, especially the R&D unit. All our activities are managed and carried out by our highly qualified personnel who are experts in their fields.
As Hunca Cosmetics, we are constantly working in every field of cosmetics with our strong R&D staff and laboratories equipped with modern equipment as we develop new products. With this feature we are proud to be one of the leading and innovative firms in the sector.

R&D Center

• Hunca group of companies was selected as the 4th R&D center of the cosmetics industry, approved by the Turkish Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology.
• Our products are developed in the R&D center approved by the Turkish Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology.
• Scientific research organization in Europe Phytocell Tc. TM Malus Domestica – We have products that have been awarded the best active raw materials by DYNALIFT.
• As one of the first cosmetic companies to start working with ÇEVKO; we carry out a production process that will support sustainable energy and will not harm people and the environment.
• Our R&D center projects are supported by the Ministry of Science and Industry of the Republic of Turkey.

The main purpose of the R&D center is;

• To present our products with a focus on consumer satisfaction, without compromising on quality, in a way that will increase competitiveness
• Developing new products with high added value, high quality, innovative and in a way that determines the market and customer expectations well


Our production activities are carries out according to both the laws and regulations in Turkey but also the standards and regulations in the European Union. In our production facilities, Private Label and contract manufacturing is carried out for many national and international companies, in addition to Hunca brand products.

  • With the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) we have, the health, safety and environmental aspects of our products, from the beginning of the production process until they reach the consumer. We guarantee that it goes through a process within the standards.
  • With the Halal Production Certificate, it is checked that the preparation and processing methods, cleaning and health conditions of the products comply with Islamic rules which are documented.
  • Turquality is the first and only state-supported branding program. The Turquality Certificate is an indication that Turkey and Turkish brands have enough equipment and vision to increase their power in the international arena.
  • With our membership to the Direct Selling Association (DSD), we aim to reinforce our customers’ sense of trust and solve the sector’s problems by participating in all kinds of activities.
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