Viva Cappio

“Timeless Perfume”

Viva Cappio, your heritage fragrance from past to present, accompanying the most beautiful memories… Viva Cappio, one of the first perfumes of the Hunca family, first met the consumers in 1988 with its striking scent that left its mark on the memories. With its stunning scent and brand stance, Viva Cappio has made its mark among the classics for Turkish women over the years.

Viva Cappio, which has been the favorite brand of women for more than 30 years, is available to consumers as perfume and deodorant. Another alternative that pushes the limits, Viva Cappio Lola joined the Hunca family in 2000. With its floral and fresh scent it has managed to become a reliable variant just like Viva Cappio.

Viva Cappio Tüm Ürünler